How to prepare your credit to buy a home with johanna diaz


In today's episode Ricardo Rodriguez, Realtor and owner at Cobblestone Realty sits down with Johanna Diaz of Credit Rx - A credit consulting company that has helped thousands of people go from bad credit to homeownership in the last few years and the first credit consulting company to ever be recognized by Top Agent Magazine.

Topics covered in the episode:

  • For someone with bad credit, what would you advise them to do or what can they do to restore their credit?
  • What are good ways to go from a 680 score to a 720?
  • For someone with no credit, how would you advise them to build or establish their credit?
  • What are the scores needed to purchase a home?
  • What is the difference between a charge-off account, collections, and a judgment?
  • What about open lines, how many open accounts should someone have?
  • What is something that would prevent someone from buying a house?
  • What are some no-to-do's with your credit when you’re in the process of buying a house?
  • What do you think of tools like credit karma for monitoring your credit?

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