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Bensenville, Illinois is a beautiful little village of roughly 18,813 people. Located near the O’Hare international airport, this community is full of culture, diversity and has a fantastic education system. Bensenville is known not only for its friendly atmosphere but also for its growing businesses. With a heart full of community, this village is perfect for any family, couple and person to live in and move to. This article will explain why living in Bensenville, Illinois could be the perfect place for you.

Living In Bensenville:

Bensenville is a fantastic place for anyone to move to. Whether it's a family, a new couple or anyone on their own, this spot has something for everybody to enjoy. While living in Bensenville you will find that it has an interesting past stretching back all the way to the 1800’s, there is plenty of history to read about the little village at their local library where you can read all about how some of the schools got their names, different streets received their names and what the Bensenville area was like during the wars.

Bensenville is full of fun recreational activities for all to enjoy and do all year round. There are different levels available at the aquatic center for families wanting to teach their children or people looking to learn how to swim. On top of swimming lessons, you can also go to the outdoor skating rinks during the winter for everyone to enjoy. Some other fun things to do include:

  • Skating
  • Swimming classes for all different ages
  • Outdoor ice rink
  • Theater and ice cream shoppe
  • Splash pad and Water park
  • Libraries
  • Edge Ice Arenas
  • Redmond Recreational Complex
  • Youth services
  • Places of Worship

Swimming Lessons

On top of recreational activities, there is also a wide variety of dining from fast food to full-service restaurants or just a casual bite to eat. Residents and newcomers can enjoy whatever they are craving while living in Bensenville or if they are just visiting. Some of their top spots to choose from include:

While living in Bensenville, there are lots of job opportunities to be had for everyone. Job postings are found on the village's website, where they consistently update their job openings, social gatherings, recreational activities, agendas and social media. Checking in on the website from time to time can be a great way to find out what seasonal events or fun things are happening in the area.

The main website is convenient for finding out where businesses, restaurants and any kind of facility are located and what events may be happening within them. It is probably one of the most useful tools a resident can use while living in Bensenville to keep up with the local activities. You can also find their community newsletter, village code, board and committee schedule and information on their code RED alert system. All of these are great to have and learn about if you're interested in the inner workings and safety precautions.

Another great thing that Bensenville has is its involvement with its senior citizens—having a community that includes all ages and helps their elders is always looking for when planning to move. Suppose you have seniors living with you or looking for somewhere to live that is senior-friendly. In that case, the Bensenville community involves, includes and helps their seniors with different activities such as:

  • Senior Holiday parties
  • Senior/ Disabled Snow Removal Program
  • The Seniors Information Hotline
  • Aging in Community Surveys
  • Senior Care facilities
  • Aging Community Care Program
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Life in Bensenville:

Bensenville is a community full of vigorous growth; from their growing business district to their population, this little village is rising towards great things. Being of a smaller population currently, the residents care not only for each other but newcomers that join their area. 

If you are interested in moving to Bensenville, doing your research is a big bonus to learn more about the community. For instance, they have a great education system for their younger generations. If you are someone with children, this would be a bonus for you and your family to have when you are planning on moving to Bensenville. Some of the best schools in Bensenville include:

School Commute

These are some of the best schools because almost all of them have a five-star rating and are close in range to local areas. These schools offer an exceptional education to all levels giving their younger generations the preparations they need to become part of the working class in Bensenville. It makes moving here easier for families with small children to find good schools within a reasonable distance to where they are living.

Bensenville’s businesses are constantly growing with new opportunities for current and future residents. With lots of open communication, marketing, cross-promotional opportunities, and so much more to help businesses start up and grow, it is an excellent place for entrepreneurs and people looking for a fresh start in the job industry to live. 

Some of the businesses and shopping centers you can find and enjoy include:

Bensenville has a page on its website dedicated to helping businesses grow and start. It shows how involved the community is with one another and how determined they are to help. These are all great qualities to look for in a community you are planning to move to. If you ever need something, it can benefit you and your household to know you can count on your neighbor to help.

Bensenville Real Estate:

Bensenville is roughly a medium-sized village that is very ethnically diverse, mainly a prominently blue-collar working economy with generally higher education within the area. The neighborhoods within Bensenville are usually tranquil and calm, and the village also has a neighborhood watch for their residents to be a part of and support. 

When looking into moving into the Illinois area, some of the best neighborhoods are in Bensenville. These neighborhoods include:

  • Churchville
  • George St/ John St
  • W Irving Park Rd/ Parkside Ln
  • Village Center
  • E Irving Park Rd/ N York Rd

With the area's general income median of $58,000- $64,000 annually, housing is generally affordable, with homes for sale in Bensenville costing roughly $170,000 - $340,000.  Many of the homes for sale in Bensenville are of an older style, being built between the eras of the 1920s all the way up to the 1970s, while some have also been built more recently. Homes in the area are all located within short distances to amenities, travel stations, schools, parks, and community centers, making traveling much easier for residents.

If you enjoy more traditional and older-style homes, then this area is a good fit for you. Some of the homes have also had updates done to them on both the inside and outside to modernize them with kitchen upgrades, including new appliances, countertops, cabinetry and overall decor. While also having some more in-depth renovations done on the exterior and interior, including expanding rooms and spaces by opening walls, adding bedrooms and bathrooms, new roof installations, flooring, etc. 

Bathroom Renovations

The general age of Bensenville residents is around the late twenties to the early thirties, with a higher interest in two to three-bedroom homes. With younger owners in the area, it is a very family-friendly community with plenty for kids to do all year round. With schools all around the area, commute times and walking distances are shorter.

Bensenville is also very involved in fair housing for their current and future residents, and they have different options of house assistance programs for people who need it. Having these programs available makes earning a living for lower-income seniors, disabilities, or loss of jobs a lot easier to pay bills and continue to live in the area. These types of assistance programs include:

  • COVID-19 Housing Resources
  • Community Care Program
  • Residential Energy Efficiency and Assistance Programs
  • Housing assistance
  • Illinois Housing Development Authority
  • Single-Family Rehabilitation Program
  • Weatherization

In conclusion, Bensenville is a fantastic place to live. With culture, diversity, history, community, business growth and safe neighborhoods, it has something for any person that lives there. With all of these fantastic things, Bensenville is quickly becoming a desirable place to live for families and all sorts of people. Remember when you’re looking to move to Bensenville to check out their local website to get all the information you need, it is a beneficial tool not only to stay in the loop of the village but it also offers lots of resources to help newcomers that are in the process of moving.

A local Bensenville, IL real estate agent is ready to help you find your next dream home! 

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