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Northlake is an up-and-coming town that has been flourishing economically in the last decade. Residents love living there and they have so many great homes available for sale. If you’ve been thinking about making the move to Northlake, keep reading to see what it’s like living in the beautiful city of Northlake. 

Northlake IL Living

Moving to Northlake IL is a great idea for anyone who’s looking for a great town with fantastic home prices. It’s a great up-and-coming city with so many things going for it. It’s home to several great companies and it has a fantastic location. Let’s have a look at some of the best things about living in Northlake. 

The People

The city of Northlake has a population of around 12,000 people and a great mix of urban and residential areas. The town’s motto, “The City Of Friendly People”, is true to its name and the city is full of friendly and welcoming people. They have been ranked by as the #76 Most Diverse Suburbs in Illinois and residents love the walkability and close community the town has to offer. 

There are plenty of family-friendly events in Northlake all year round for the residents to enjoy including the Northlake Days festival in the summer months. The festival includes a car show, concerts, vendors, food, bingo, a parade and so much more for families to enjoy. It’s one of the best family-friendly events in Northlake Il and it brings in huge crowds from all around. 

Friendly Residents in Northlake, IL

The Schools

Northlake is home to many highly rated schools that would be perfect for the students in your family to attend. The town has students attending 6 elementary schools, a middle school,  two high schools along with a private school and a community college. All of the schools that serve Northlake have been given at least a B grade by based on their teachers, academics and diversity. 

Some of the best schools in Northlake include Proviso Math & Science Academy, West Leyden High School, and Roy Elementary School. 


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The Real Estate

The homes in Northlake are amazing and they are all selling at great prices compared to other cities in the state. Finding a Northlake real estate agent is the easiest way for you to find the perfect home for your budget and needs.  There are so many homes for sale in Northlake Il that would be perfect for you and your family so let’s talk about why the real estate in Northlake is so fantastic.

The median home value in Northlake is much lower than many places in the area. In Chicago, the home value is higher so you can save yourself quite a bit of money by choosing a smaller city like Northlake and commuting to your job. 

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The Beauty

Northlake is surrounded by so much natural beauty and it is full of amazing parks for you and your family to enjoy together. Many local hiking trails are great for any residents who want to explore the beautiful outdoors. Some of the amazing parks in Northlake include:

  • Ful-Roy Park
  • Nagle-Perri Park 
  • Jerome Park
  • Millennium Park

Millennium Park

The Location

The city is located just a 40-minute drive from nearby Chicago, which makes it ideal for anyone who is looking to move to a smaller town and commute into Chicago for work. The city is also located close to Dominican University and very close to the O’Hare airport. The airport is one of the biggest in the country and it employs 41,000 people so Northlake is the perfect city for anyone who works at the airport and doesn’t mind the short 12-minute drive.

The Employment Opportunities

There are plenty of employment opportunities in nearby Chicago if you are willing to make the commute to the big city. Many people have chosen to take higher-paying jobs in the big city and live in the suburbs to save on living costs. If you prefer to find a job that’s a little closer to home then you’re in luck because Northlake has plenty of options. 

Northlake is home to the headquarters of a few larger companies and it is also located very close to many large businesses that are likely hiring. Empire Today is based in the city of Northlake and they are also the home of a Dr. Pepper/Snapple bottling plant. There are hundreds of jobs on that are located right in Northlake so if you’d rather get a job with a short commute, there are plenty available. 

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Planting Your Roots in Northlake, IL

Moving to Northlake IL is a fantastic idea for anyone who wants all the access from living in a big city without all of the high costs. Residents from the city enjoy living there and many have owned their homes for a long time. The town is great for anyone who’s looking for an urban vibe in a rural city and for those who prefer a lower cost of living. 

Cost of living is important for anyone looking to save money on their overall living expenses and the higher it is, the more it is going to cost you to live there. The cost of living in Northlake is 98 which means it’s lower than the national average and in Chicago, it’s around 109 which means it’s higher. Lower cost of living means more money in your pocket in the long run and that’s always a good thing. 

There are so many great reasons to move to Northlake and these are just a few. If you’re thinking about moving or just want some help navigating the real estate market then think about finding a Northlake real estate agent to help you with your needs. Three are so many great homes just waiting for you in the beautiful and affordable city of Northlake Il. 

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