Next up in our #MeetCobblestone video series is Manuel Carrasco - Manuel was born and raised in Chicago and attended Marquette University where he obtained his degree in Criminal Justice. He has always had a passion for helping others and his career in real estate will help him continue to do so.

About Manuel Carrasco

Manuel first became interested in the investing side of real estate, and after learning more about it he became more passionate about helping others achieve the dream of homeownership. He realized many people do not know there are many different options they do not know about and decide to hold off on buying their dream home. Having a son has made him realize more about how important it is to want to provide a legacy for your children and owning real estate can help you achieve that.

Manuel specializes in working with first time home buyers but welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in Real Estate. He will create an action plan from a thorough interview of the clients' current situation, their established future needs, and possible expansion goals.

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